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On November 30th, 2020, according to the CDC tracker the total number of COVID-19 cases in the USA is 13, 295 605, new case per 100k in the last 7 days are 48.9, and 266,051 total deaths.  I am a critical care doc. I am at the frontlines of this pandemic, in a...

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Back To The ICU

The cellphone clock face displays 5:45am. I lie in bed, lingering, procrastinating, waiting for the alarm to buzz. Sleep is fitful when I am edgy. It is my first day, returning to the ICU, after a ten- week hiatus enforced by knee surgery. My recovery has not followed...

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When Physicians Get Sick

Physicians are natural caregivers. We are in-tune with the needs of our patients, often to the detriment of our own health. It is a rite of passage during medical school to stand in for lengthy eight to ten-hour surgeries, as retractor holders, keeping the surgical...

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A Physician’s Convoluted FMLA Journey

I have dealt with unstable knees since childhood. In December 2019, I noticed knee swelling, which would improve with rest. This flare-up was not unusual, except that the swelling and pain gradually became a routine fixture in my life. This was still pre-COVID,...

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How Should Women Be Treated?

Women have been around as long as men. There are approximately as many women in this world as there are men. Then why is ‘how should women be treated’ still a mystery and a topic that requires attention? I don’t have answers to these questions. But I do have a few...

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A Pulmonologist’s COVID Diary

June 25 – Like most physicians, I am bad at scheduling my own doctors visit. This year, despite COVID craziness, I had made an appointment with a new PCP to get Singulair refills (my allergies were a killer and a drippy nose behind an N95 is no joke). I LOVED my...

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